Join us for some socially-distanced fun in the sun!  Our summer horseback camps offer opportunities for new and experienced riders to learn about, ride, and play games on horses. Age ranges and ability levels are suggested for each week, please get in touch for exceptions.  Within each camp group, participants will be split into age-appropriate groups and alternate through the day's activities.  Please send a lunch with your camper each day and have them dress for the weather!  All Covid-19 suggested safety protocols will be followed closely during 2020 camps.

Book your camp through Vagaro before July 1 and get 10% off as a Covid Special!  Code: CAMP2020
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Advanced Camp

July 6-10, 10:00am-1:00pm ($300) Ages 11-Adult

Level 3-4 riders (proficient in sports at the canter and all aspects of horse handling) will participate in a variety of advanced level activities to push their riding, handling, and training skills to the test!

  • Monday 7/6: Ranch Challenge (Cow Penning, Sorting, & Roping; Dragging, Packing, Driving)
  • Tuesday 7/7: Eventing Horse Trials (Dressage, Cross Country, Stadium Jumping)
  • Wednesday 7/8: Trainer's Challenge (Tricks, Agility, Freeriding, Freestyle Coreographing, Vaulting, Gentling)
  • Thursday 7/9: Trail Ride & Picnic @ Potato Creek State Park (sub for Friday if needed for weather)
  • Friday 7/10: Games Day (Contesting, Polo Tournament, Medieval Games, Gymkhana

Intermediate Camp

July 13-17, 10:00am-1:00pm ($250) Ages 8-18

Level 2-3 riders (independently trotting through obstacles and learning to canter) will participate in a variety of horse sports to expand their skill sets!

  • Monday 7/13: Western Day (Compete in Gymkhana events, learn to rope & move cows, and ride a reining pattern, Western horse & human makeovers)
  • Tuesday 7/14: English Day (Ride a Hunter Course, take a Dressage test, coreograph a Musical Freestyle, English horse & human makeovers)
  • Wednesday 7/15: Horsemanship Day (Learn how to lunge, use a round pen, ground drive, do a Showmanship pattern, ride bareback & double, and do horseback yoga)
  • Thursday 7/16: Trail Ride & Picnic, horse anatomy painting, bracelet making (sub for Friday if needed for weather)
  • Friday 7/17: Games Day (Medieval Games, Relay Races, Horseketball, Polo)

Beginner Camp

July 20-24, 10:00am-1:00pm ($200) Ages 5-12

Level 1-2 riders (learning to walk and trot through obstacles, complete beginners welcome) will participate in a variety of horse activities to get introduced to the wide world of horses and build fundamental skills in riding and horse care!

  • Monday 7/20: Introduction Day (Leading a horse, grooming, tacking, Beanbag balance, Golf-ball and spoon challenge, horse colors)
  • Tuesday 7/21: Western Day (Learn how to do Down & Backs, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Horsemanship Patterns, horse breeds, foot & grain sack races)
  • Wednesday 7/22: English Day (Learn how to go over jumps, make up a jump course, play Reverse Limbo, horse body parts)
  • Thursday 7/23: Trail Ride & Picnic, trail safety, obstacle course, horse makeovers, bracelet making (sub for Friday if needed for weather)
  • Friday 7/24: Games Day (Medieval Games, Relay Races, Horseketball, Pin the Tail on the Pony)

Day Camp Add-Ons

Existing outside organizations can schedule to bring their campers to the Savage Riding Academy to add horseback riding to their current offerings.  Customize which types of activities you would like us to host for  you. The cost is dependent on the number of campers and time frame.