Book Buddies Program Launch!

We launched our Book Buddies program this month at the Bremen Public Library Summer Reading Festival!  Students of all ages read to Chip and Teddy from our selection of horse books.  Thanks to our hard working student volunteers who helped spread enthusiasm about literacy to our community!


Our Book Buddies program is designed to promote enthusiasm about literacy both to our current riding lesson students and our broader community.  The program is designed to take our ponies into schools, libraries, and bookshops for kids of all ages to practice reading horse-related books.

July Challenge

This program is a competition open to our current lesson students throughout the month of July to dig into as much equine literature as they can.  Prizes will be awarded to the most hours read in each age group.  A small selection of our personal library will be available for students to check out all month long, and they are also encouraged to explore their local libraries and bookstores.  A collection box for unwanted books will be available at the barn for donation to our new local bookstore, Fables.

School Year Programs

Our ponies and volunteers journey out to our local schools every other week to build skills, self-efficacy, and enthusiasm about reading to at-risk youth. Students in the program will log their at-home reading time for a chance to earn free pony rides at the program's conclusion.  Each session, students will read the books they have been practicing to their pony and volunteer.  The Fall program runs September-November, and the Spring program runs March-May, with school visits occurring every other week.

Festivals & Events

Our three ponies are available for hire to schools, bookstores, and libraries as an entertainment booth for festivals and events.  Your event-goers will be able to pet, learn about, and read to our ponies.  We will supply our own ponies, books, volunteers, tables, chairs, and fencing.  These events are priced at $200, and help to fund our book supply and volunteering time at schools throughout the year.  Get in touch to schedule our ponies for an upcoming festival!

July Reading Challenge Rules & Resources
  • Who can partcipate?  All current lesson students ages 3 to adult
  • When does it run? Your first lesson of the month all the way to your lesson in Week 4 of July
  • What are the age categories? PreK, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Adult
  • What will I win? Fables is offering gift certificates, stickers, and bookmarks, as well as horse-related prize options
  • What can I read for the contest? Any fiction or nonfiction horse-related books, magazines, or articles
  • What can I donate to Fables? Any type of books you no longer want
  • Where can I find material to read? We have a small lending library at the farm, or your local libraries, bookstores, and even websites
  • How do I track my hours read? Print or pickup the tracking sheet and bring it to each lesson in July (awards at the end of the month)