Current Offers

Lesson and training sessions are currently priced at $35 for private and $25 for group.  Get 10% off when you buy a package of 6, and 50% off when you refer a friend!


Lessons are available both in groups and individually at your farm.  Whether your goals are learning to ride, showing, trail riding, troubleshooting issues, or anything in between, your lesson is tailored to you.  Skills are taught alongside the reasons behind them so that each student builds a strong foundational understanding of why they are doing each step of the process.


Many people like to show, but don't want to go at it alone.  Show preparation sessions and day-of coaching are available for those who want to make the most out of their competition experiences.  This service is offered to all disciplines at lower levels and only English sports at higher levels.  Available to groups and individuals.


Clinics are a great service for a group of riders who want to work on a common goal.  Topics available include jumping, dressage, ground work, troubleshooting an issue, tack workshops, natural horsemanship practices, and more.  You can schedule one-day sessions or a series of workshops to fit your needs.


Getting together is half the fun of our sport, especially when you don't have to organize it.  Bring a camp, birthday party, trail ride, mounted yoga, or other event to your barn.  You can also make an excursion of it and haul somewhere new.  Riding shouldn't always have to be serious, so lighten up and have some fun!