Tickets come automatically with your entry, and can be used to enter the activities throughout the evening. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the evening, and are included in the ticket prices. All tickets can be used by the end of the event in the Silent Raffle, with prize baskets for all ages. The live screening of the Derby will be at 6:55, and the raffle winners will be contacted after the event. There will be a private party for 21+ guests in the Speak Easy, with the rest of the events open to the public, all ages welcome!

4:00-4:50 Games

Enter tournaments for Corn Hole, Bocce Ball, Badminton, and Horse Shoes. Entry for each is 2 tickets, winning team splits the pot.

4:50 Fashion Show

Enter the Fashion Show for a chance to win tickets! All ages welcome!

5:00-6:30 Races

Enter races on foot, horseback, and with our barnyard buddies! Entry is 3 tickets, winner takes all. Spectators can guess which racers will win each event, and win tickets for correct guesses!

Human Races

  • Stick Horse Jumping @ 5:00 (1 person) - "Ride" a stick horse over jumps as fast as you can
  • 3 Legged Race @ 5:10 (2 people) - Attach your leg to your buddy and race to the finish line
  • Grain Sack Races @ 5:20 (1 person) - Hop in a bag to victory
  • Blindfolded Barrels @ 5:30 (2 people) - Have a buddy steer you blindfolded around a cloverlead pattern
  • Tire Roll @ 5:40 (1 person) - Roll a tire to the end of the line as fast as you can

Horse Races

  • Egg & Spoon @ 5:50 (1 rider) - Balance an egg on a spoon as you race to the end
  • Down & Back @ 6:00 (1 rider) - Ride down and around a cone as fast as you can
  • Pole Bending @ 6:10 (1 rider) - Weave in and out in a race to the end
  • Cowboy Pickup @ 6:20 (2 riders) - Pick up a rider onto the back of your horse and make it to the finish line

Critter Races

  • Farmyard Frolic @ 6:30 - Lure one of our farm animals with food to the finish line first to win
  • Chicken Stampede @ 6:40 - Lure one of our chickens to the finish line first to win

Derby Live Stream

The Kentucky Derby will be live streamed at 6:50. Spectators can guess which horses will win each event, and win tickets for correct guesses!

Silent Raffle

The Silent Raffle winners will be announced directly after the Derby race.