The Savage Riding Academy delivers equine education in a progressive way to promote comprehensive, deep learning.  The program is designed so that students work their way through three levels of fifteen different badges across the areas of Knowledge, Skill, and Character.  As they demonstrate mastery in each area, students level up, and eventually become mentors for incoming students as they continue to perfect the specialty area of their choosing.  By the time they graduate the program, students will have learned how to ride in a variety of English and Western disciplines, gained a wide range of knowledge in horse care and hippology, and developed their attitude and character for success.

Riding lessons are available Monday - Friday from 1:30PM to 6:30PM, ages 3 and up, and open to riders of any incoming ability and discipline.  Lessons are typically done in groups of 2-4 students of similar age and skill level who meet for an hour each week, currently priced at $25.  Limited availability private 30 minute lesson slots are available for $25 as well.  New riders do not need to bring anything as we have helmets available, but just be dressed for the weather - we have an indoor riding arena but it is not temperature controlled.  We rarely cancel due to weather, but in extreme circumstances a text will be sent out by the morning of that day.  If you have any other questions, please send us an email!

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Upcoming Events List

Events subject to change.  More information can be found by clicking the photos to the right.  Full information will be posted in a linked facebook event as it nears, and sign-ups will be on the bulletin board at the farm.

March 14-17, 10:00-5:00 Equine Massage Clinic @ Savage Riding

NE Indiana Equine Massage is a National Board Certified trainer in equine massage.  They will be hosting a 4 day class that enables you to learn everything you need to know to massage horses professionally. Cost: $900 http://www.indianaequinemassage.com

March 24, 1:00-4:00 Medieval Equestrian Games @ Nitar Farms (~1 hr 20 min)

Step back in time and learn how to do a variety of medieval style mounted games, including jousting, mounted archery, stab the pigs, lance the rings, behead the enemy, and more! Cost: $30 total ($10 entrance, $20 coaching/rental)

April 27, 10:00-4:00 Extreme Cowboy Race @ Crazy Horse Arena (~45 min)

Test your leadership skills as you take you horse through challenging trail obstacles.  Potluck lunch @ 12:30. Cost: $25 entry, $20 coaching/rental

May 18, 12:00-2:30 Goshen Painter's Guild Workshop @ Savage Riding

Learn how to draw and paint horses in front of live models.  Open to lesson students and the greater community, all ages and levels welcome.  More information coming soon.

June 23, 8:30-4:30 Hunter/Jumper Show @ Shrine Farms (~1 hr)

Test out your finesse over jumps in the Hunter classes and your speed in the Jumpers. This is a full-attire show with leadline through adult classes. Cost: $12 per class, $30 coaching/rental www.facebook.com/neighshowseries

July 14, 9:00-4:00 Youth Pleasure Show @ Elkhart County Fair Grounds (~10 min)

English and Western Youth Pleasure Competition for Levels 1+ (no leadline classes).  Halter, trail, horsemanship, showmanship, and equitation classes will be available.  $5 per class, $20 coaching/rental fee

August 24, 1:00-3:00 Mounted Games Day @ Savage Riding

Enjoy a variety of mounted team and individual games, such as golfball and spoon challenge, ride a buck, horsketball, polo, jousting, mounted archery, relay races, and more!  Open to leadline to adult riders.  Cost: $15

September 21, 10:30-2:30 Trail Rides @ Potato Creek State Park (~45 min)

Hit the trails atop your favorite 4 legged friend at our closest horse-friendly state park.  Slots will be available hourly to join a group ride.  Cost: $20

October 12, 11:00-4:00 Western Speed Show @ Horseman's Association (~45 min)

Compete in poles, barrels, flags, and down & back.  PeeWee to adult classes, 70% payback option. Cost: $3-5/class, $20 coaching/horse rental