The Savage Riding Academy delivers equine education in a progressive way to promote comprehensive, deep learning.  The program is designed so that students work their way through three levels of fifteen different badges across the areas of Knowledge, Skill, and Character.  As they demonstrate mastery in each area, students level up, and eventually become mentors for incoming students as they continue to perfect the specialty area of their choosing.  By the time they graduate the program, students will have learned how to ride in a variety of English and Western disciplines, gained a wide range of knowledge in horse care and hippology, and developed their attitude and character for success.

Riding lessons are available for ages 3 and up, and open to riders of any incoming ability.  Limited off-site lessons are also available.  Current group pricing is $25 per hour, and private pricing is $25 per half hour and $45 per hour.


Joining our Equestrian Team is free and open to the public!  We host a variety of events throughout the year geared towards both education and entertainment.  Being a part of the team is a fun way to meet fellow equine community members and to work on mastering skills needed for your badges. Sign up for events on our Facebook Page or at the door.


  • If Horses Had Facebook, September 12, 6:30-8:30pm, $10
    • Create “Facebook profiles” for our horses as you learn about common breeds, heights, markings, and colors. You will also learn how to recognize personality types and herd dynamics in horses.
  • Equestrian Life-Drawing Workshop, September 22, 1:00-3:00pm, $20
    • We are partnering with Goshen Youth Arts to host a workshop! This event is open to the public, all ages welcome! Learn about horse anatomy as you hone in your drawing and painting skills.  Pre-registration is required at https://www.goshenyoutharts.com/workshops.html
  • Mounted Game Night, September 28, 6:30-8:30pm, $15
    • Join us for a night of fun! We will play a number of horseback games, including the Golf Ball & Spoon Challenge, Beanbag Balance, Pin the Tail on the Pony, Pole Path, and Simon Says.


  • Derbyshire Pumpkin Harvest Classic Fun Show, October 7, 8:00-4:00, $varies
    • This is an off-site show in Stevensville, MI. They will host halter, showmanship, jumping, dressage, western, and gaming classes.  Come to compete, or to cheer on your teammates!  Coaching fee is $20 for the day, plus an entry fee for each class (spectating is free).  We will trailer the horses and equipment, and you can meet us there or ride along.
  • Tack & Apparel Scavenger Hunt, October 16, 6:30-8:30, $10
    • Dig deep into horse tack and apparel as you work through an intensive scavenger hunt in the tack room! You will learn the parts of saddles and bridles, learn how to care for and clean tack, and identify differences between English & Western tack. You will also get a chance to try on and wear apparel common to different disciplines.
  • Halloween Costume Contest, October 31, 6:30-8:30, $10
    • Celebrate the holiday in horse-style! Teams will be randomly assigned a horse, and you will need to design and create a costume for yourselves and your mount.  Costumes will be judged on theme and creativity, and the winners will receive a prize!


  • Gaming Relay Races, November 9, 6:30-8:30, $15
    • Fulfill your need for speed! Join us for a gaming night where teams of riders will compete in relay fashion in various constesting events, including Pole Bending, Keyhole, and Barrel Racing.  Entries will be judged by rider level, and winners will receive a prize!
  • Thanksgiving Potluck, November 17, 2:00-4:00, $free!
    • Celebrate the holiday with our farm family! Bring a dish to share and enjoy some food and camaraderie.
  • Mystery Vet Files, a Horse Care Workshop, November 27, 6:30-8:30, $10
    • Work in teams to solve several horse-related mysteries as you expand your knowledge about horse professionals, common ailments and injuries, and common treatment practices.