Proudly offering for sale

Pharoah is our current sale offering at Savage Riding.  He has the talent for upper levels with the heart for beginners, and experience in everything from jumping to roping to trails.

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Meet Our Horses


Name: Chip

Height: XS Pony (8.2 hands)

Breed: Miniature Horse

Age: 5

Color: Dun

Markings: Blaze, Coronet, Pasterns

About: Chip is our littlest, and arguably cutest, employee at just 34" tall.  He is our go-to leadline pony for our pee-wee riders, but can also keep up with the bigger guys and loves to jump.  He comes with us to schools, libraries, and festivals to help me teach our community about horses. His favorite thing to do is chase his best friends, Oreo and Teddy, around the pasture.


Name: Oreo

Height: S Pony (10.3 hands)

Breed: Paint Pony

Age: 7

Color: Black & White

Markings: Tobiano, Snip, Stockings

About: Oreo is a great beginner pony who loves trail rides and can jump to the moon.  He has very adjustable gaits and a smooth jog, so he is a great teacher of extending and shortening gaits and perfecting a sitting trot.  His favorite past time is wrestling with Chip, and scheming ways to outsmart anyone coming at him with a halter and lead rope.


Name: Teddy

Height: S Pony (11.0 hands)

Breed: Shetland Pony

Age: 16

Color: Silver Palomino

Markings: Dapples, Flaxen Mane & Tail

About: Teddy is known by our students for his glorious bright eyelashes and mane, making him the favorite victim of pony makeovers (and he loves every minute of it).  His smooth, steady canter makes him a great teacher for Level 2 students just learning to canter.  He is bombproof on the trails and has show experience.  He secretly wants to be a woodchuck, and can often be found frisking anyone nearby for pocket treats.


Name: Porkchop

Height: M Pony (13.1 hands)

Breed: Quarter Pony

Age: 7

Color: Chestnut (Sorrel)

Markings: Stripe, Snip, Sock, Stocking

About: Porkchop is a step-up pony for kids moving off of the steady-eddy little guys into the big leagues.  His excellent neck carriage makes him a great teacher for kids learning to ask for bit contact and adjusting neck length and shape.  He is a rockstar on the trails even for beginners, and rides bareback/bridleless with our level 3 & 4 students.


Name: Ghost

Height: L Pony (13.3 hands)

Breed: Bashkir Curly/Welsh

Age: 13

Color: Buttermilk Buckskin

Markings: Socks, Blaze, Zebra Bars, Blue Eye

About: Ghost is our newest addition to the Savage Riding Team.  Being a Bashkir Curly Cross means he literally has curly hair and is hypoallergenic, like a Labradoodle of the horse world.  His unique coloring, blue eye, and zebra bar markings on his legs make him a stand-out guy in any crowd! He has a nice quiet demeanor, not too fast and not too slow, great for all types of riders.  He is great on trails, has a good stop, and is an eager learner to boot!


Name: Koda

Height: S Horse (14.0 hands)

Breed: Paint Pony

Age: 18

Color: Chestnut (Sorrel)

Markings: Tobiano, Blaze, Stockings

About: Koda is our resident dog-horse, as he is known to lick any and every hand offered to him.  He is extremely personable, and greets any newcomer walking through the pasture enthusiastically.  He is very smooth but also forward and sensitive, making it a rite of passage when a student has progressed enough to have earned the right to ride him.


Name: Pharoah

Height: L Horse (15.3 hands)

Breed: Spotted Draft/ Quarter Horse

Age: 12

Color: Bucksin

Markings: Stripe, tobiano, stockings

About: Pharoah is our big floaty couch.  His elevated movement makes him a great teacher of the posting trot and extending gaits with impulsion.  He is cool as a cucumber, making him a great trail horse.  He is a huge jumper, having maxed out our 4' standards on his first time through the jump chute, however he is also a great first time jump teacher as he trots crossrail courses with ease.  His favorite past time is turning the arena lights on and off with his forehead.


Name: Fergus

Height: Extra Large (17.0 hands)

Breed: Clydesdale

Age: 16

Color: Black

Markings: Blaze, stockings

About: Fergus is our resident gentle giant.  He is as calm and sweet as it gets, and is happy to go as slow as you'll let him.  He rides and drives, and has a fun lofty trot.  He is safe on trails, and his height makes him our go-to for trail trimming.  He loves hanging his head into the arena to watch lessons.  He comes from a rescue background, and we are happy to be able to be nursing him back to full health.


Name: Amadeus

Height: XL Horse (17.2 hands)

Breed: KWPN Dutch Harness

Age: 13

Color: Chestnut (Sorrel)

Markings: Blaze, socks, stockings

About: Amadeus is our most highly trained horse, with experience up to second level Dressage.  He has lofty, rhythmic gaits and light cues, and is very adjustable and soft to ride.  Despite his finely tuned training and athleticism, he is an extremely patient and quiet teacher for all levels of riders.  He is excellent at helping students master their canter cue set, lateral movements, and asking a horse onto the bit.

Past Horses

Every horse that spends time with us holds a special place in our hearts.  Take a stroll through memory lane to see our former lesson and training horses!  If you are the current proud owner of one of these special guys and gals, we'd love to get updates on what and how they are doing, so get in touch!

Ash (POA)
Oliver (Hanoverian x TB)
Sprite (Pony)
Buck (Morgan)
Pirate (Quarter Horse)
Fritz (Shire x Quarter Horse)
Ace (Pony)
Ace (Pony)
Captain Jack (Rocky Mountain)
Eclipse (Belgian x Arab)
Midnight (Pony)
Axel (Shetland)
Solace II (Canadian Warmblood)
Prince (Arabian)
Cisco (Welsh Pony)
Cisco (Welsh Pony)
Blossom (Haflinger)
Butterscotch (Quarter Pony)
Sebastian (Hanoverian x Paint)
Mack (Quarter Horse)
Irish (Thoroughbred)
Moonbeam (Quarter Pony)
Jessie (Pony)
Dusty (Pony)
Murray (Hanoverian)
Phayble (Oldenburg)
Beau (Paint Horse)
Harry Houdini (Pony)
Arrow (AQHA)
Leonidas (Shire x Appaloosa)
Baratheon (Dutch Warmblood)
Frankie (Thoroughbred)
Lexi (Quarter Horse)