We have a variety of horses and ponies on our Savage Riding team, from miniature horses to drafts to everything in between. Our horses all participate in our lesson program and events, and are available for on-site lease.  Leases give the convenience of ownership without the commitment or risk of ownership, and are available for $250/month for all-inclusive, unlimited use of your chosen horse outside of M-F 2:30-5:30 pm, and include one free private lesson with the Head Trainer per month.  First come, first serve, so reserve your favorite horse today!

We also offer horses and ponies for sale, so check out our available horses page if you are in the market!  Sales of our regular team horses are also considered to the right homes, so ask if you are interested.  Lesson families receive discounts on all sales of horses, as we love to keep our four-legged team members in the family!

Our Team

Past Horses

Every horse that spends time with us holds a special place in our hearts.  Take a stroll through memory lane to see our former lesson and training horses!  If you are the current proud owner of one of these special guys and gals, we'd love to get updates on what and how they are doing, so get in touch!

Ash (POA)
Oliver (Hanoverian x TB)
Sprite (Pony)
Buck (Morgan)
Pirate (Quarter Horse)
Fritz (Shire x Quarter Horse)
Ace (Pony)
Ace (Pony)
Captain Jack (Rocky Mountain)
Eclipse (Belgian x Arab)
Midnight (Pony)
Axel (Shetland)
Solace II (Canadian Warmblood)
Prince (Arabian)
Cisco (Welsh Pony)
Cisco (Welsh Pony)
Blossom (Haflinger)
Butterscotch (Quarter Pony)
Sebastian (Hanoverian x Paint)
Mack (Quarter Horse)
Irish (Thoroughbred)
Moonbeam (Quarter Pony)
Jessie (Pony)
Dusty (Pony)
Murray (Hanoverian)
Phayble (Oldenburg)
Beau (Paint Horse)
Harry Houdini (Pony)
Arrow (AQHA)
Leonidas (Shire x Appaloosa)
Baratheon (Dutch Warmblood)
Frankie (Thoroughbred)
Lexi (Quarter Horse)