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Download our app at any app store and book from your phone! You can select your date and time, instructor, riding level, and whether you would like a group or private lesson. If you would like a spot that is already full, you can add yourself to the waitlist for that class, or choose another time that works for you as well. When arriving please stop by the front office first to check in and process payment, then we will connect you with your instructor.

***If you have riding experience, but are new to our barn and lesson program, please book your first lesson under Level 0-1 Private to do an evaluation. We start as young as 4 years old.

Lesson Pricing

  • Level 0-2 Group: $30
  • Level 0-2 Private: $40
  • Level 3-5 Group: $35
  • Level 3-5 Private: $50
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Guided Rides

A time to be lead around the indoor and/or outside our small trail (weather permitting) by an instructor on one of our ponies or horses for 20 minutes. Open to all ages, no experience necessary, back to back booking is welcome, pairs by request only (call or email first). Available Fridays from 2-5pm. Cost is $10.

The Savage Riding Academy delivers equine education in a progressive way to promote comprehensive, deep learning in all aspects of horseback riding and care.  The program is designed so that students begin with the basic skills and knowledge needed to pilot a horse in Levels 0-1, experience the variety of sports that the equine world has to offer in Level 2, and then develop mastery in areas of their choice in Levels 3-5. Riding lessons are available year round Monday-Thursday from 2:30pm - 7:30pm with a variety of trainers so that students can benefit from a wide range of expertise and backgrounds.

The Program

When you join our program, you will receive your Levels booklet that serves as a guide for what skills are needed to progress to the next level. Once all the skills in your level have been mastered, you can schedule an evaluation with the Head Instructor, Kristen Savage. Evaluations usually last about 30 minutes, and cost $20. If you pass, then you can progress to the next level. If you still have pieces to work on, you can take as much time as you need before you retest, and retest as many times as you need in order to achieve mastery.

Level 0:

In Level 1, you will be introduced to the sport and partnership of the equine world! You will learn how to lead, brush, saddle, and ride a horse, along with the character skills needed to be a good horseman. For group lessons, an Instructor will be running the lesson, and each student will have a Mentor Rider with them to assist and explain as they go. The group class is geared towards preschool and elementary riders, and will be filled with collaborative games and activities to promote teamwork.

Level 1:

In Level 1, you will begin to develop independence as a rider and handler with more precise skills, and learn to trot. Group lessons will become more independent as you gain the skills and control necessary to pilot a horse on your own. Level 1 groups are suitable for all ages, 3-adult.

Level 2:

Throughout Level 2, you will get to experience the wide world of horse sports and develop skills unique to each discipline, including jumping, dressage, contesting, reining, ranch riding, trail riding, and trick riding. You will also begin learning to canter/lope, and will need to demonstrate mastery of balance, control, and endurance.

Level 3:

After you have had the chance to experience all the different disciplines and have reached a level of proficiency in riding and care, you are ready to choose which paths you would like to pursue to mastery. By the end of Level 3, you should have a solid foundation in what it takes to be competitive in your area(s) of choice, and if competition isn't in your sights, a deep enough skill base and understanding of your sport so that you can continue to develop your skills independently.

Level 4:

Progress on your own riding goals never ends; even Olympic level riders take lessons and get help from others!  However, by the time you have reached Level 4, you are able to take charge of your own development, and the instructors around you will serve more as your coaches than your teachers.  Your deep understanding of horse psychology and your sport(s) of choice will allow you to expand your skills to training horses and instructing riders.

Level 5:

Some equestrians choose to go above and beyond their own skills, and give back to the horse community. If you want to pursue that path, Level 5 will teach you how to be an Instructor, a Trainer, or both. You can still continue your own personal development through Level 4 while reaching a true level of leadership in the equine world!

Lesson Policies: Our policies will be displayed when booking a lesson. We have outlined our policies below for you to review, and will be effective immediately.

Payment: Payment is due when service is rendered. Before the lesson begins check in at the front office. We accept cash, check, and major credit/debit cards. *Electronic invoices can be sent upon request only with advanced notice, or special circumstance.

Cancellation: Cancellations are allowed up to 36 hours prior to the scheduled lesson via app. All lessons cancelled within the 36 hour window will result in a cancellation fee of $10.  

Rescheduling: You can reschedule a lesson any time in advance via app, up to 36 hours before the scheduled lesson time. 

No Show: Students who do not show up for their scheduled lesson will be charged a no-show fee of $15 and subject to being temporarily restricted from booking future lessons. 

Outstanding Balance: Accounts with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to schedule a lesson until payments have been received in full.


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