The Savage Riding Academy delivers equine education in a progressive way to promote comprehensive, deep learning in all aspects of horseback riding and care.  The program is designed so that students work their way through three levels of fifteen different badges across the areas of Knowledge, Skill, and Character. As they demonstrate mastery in each area, students level up, and eventually become mentors for incoming students and trainers for new horses, as they continue to perfect the specialty area of their choosing.  By the time they graduate the program, students will have learned how to ride in a variety of English and Western disciplines, gained a wide range of knowledge in horse care and hippology, and developed their attitude and character for success.

Riding lessons are available year round Monday-Friday from 2:30pm - 7:30pm.  Incoming Level 0 or 1 students (Walk/Trot) are placed in a private 45 minute lesson with one of our Instructors to establish the foundation of tacking and riding horses with one-on-one attention. Once students reach Level 2, they will be able to join a group lesson with the Head Trainer, and continue to work their way up the levels.

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The Program

Level 1: Foundation (Beginner)

In Level 1, you will learn the foundations of how to ride and care for a horse.  Introductory skills include steering through a variety of English and Western patterns at the walk and trot, making accurate and balanced transitions between gaits, and building strength and balance through sustained practice.  Grooming procedures, riding etiquette, safety protocols, saddling and bridling techniques, and ground controls all will be addressed.  Once you are able to perform all of the basic skills with a correct and steady posture and a firm command of your horse, you will graduate to Level 2.

Level 2: Expansion (Intermediate)

Throughout your time in Level 2, you will get to experience the wide world of horse sports.  Each week takes you through the skills involved in a different riding discipline.  Skill lines include Jumping, Dressage, Contesting, Reining, Showmanship, Trick Riding, Trail Riding, Ranch Work, and Natural Horsemanship.  You will also begin learning to canter/lope, and will need to demonstrate mastery of balance, control, and endurance as you complete each skill at the canter before you can move on to Level 3.

Level 3: Specialization (Advanced)

After you have had the chance to experience all the different disciplines that the equine world has to offer and reached a functional level of proficiency in riding and care, you are ready to choose which path you would like to pursue.  With the help of your instructor and Level 4 mentors in your chosen discipline, you will set personal goals and create a training plan to help focus your time spent in each lesson.  You will track your own progress over time and make adjustments to your plan as needed.

Level 4: Mentorship & Training

While progress on your own goals never ends, you will reach a point at which you are able to independently continue improving with only occasional coaching sessions needed.  You will become qualified to train our horses, and also have the opportunity to be a mentor for students in Levels 1-3.  By this point, many students are ready to lease or purchase a horse, though that is by no means necessary.  This level is completely customizable to your own interests, whether it is pursuing showing at higher levels, training horses, working with riders, or just riding for fun.