Interested in meeting one of our four-legged friends?  Get in touch at to schedule a visit! Horses tend to sell quickly, especially the types in high demand, therefore we operate on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to put a hold on a particular horse, you can place a non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold the horse for up to 3 days, and if you decide to purchase that horse it will be credited towards the purchase price.

In the market for a new horse, but don't see something on our site that meets your needs?  Fill out your ideal horse's skills, budget, deal-breaker behaviors, and more on our Wish List, and we will take into account your request as we purchase future horses. We will add you to the mailing list to get notified whenever we get in new horses, and you are free to unsubscribe any time!

Have more questions about the process of buying a horse? Call us at 574-329-1431 or visit our FAQ below!

Current Horses for Sale


Violet is a 14 year old 14.2hh grade blue roan QH mare. She is gentle and sweet, and up for anything. She's done extensive trail riding, lessons and camps, barrels, and is lightly started over fences. She is a smooth mover, light to cue, and very responsive. She is easy going enough for supervised beginners, but fine tuned enough to be fun for advanced riders as well. Asking $5500.


Pirate is a 15 year old grade grulla QH gelding standing about 15 hands. He is a sweet and inquisitive guy, gentle to handle and straightforward to ride. He has nice smooth gaits, rides well off of light pressure, and is a willing partner. He is beginner safe and has been used in lessons and camps, but is big bodied, handy and fun for adults and experienced riders as well. He has extensive trail and camping experience. He is partially blind in his left eye from an old injury, but it doesn't make him spooky or limit his abilities. Asking $4000.


Jax is a 13 year old grade QH gelding standing about 15.2 hands. He's truly an all around guy - he's worked cattle, done extensive trail riding and boulder climbing, jumps, and does lessons and camps. He's safe enough for supervised beginners, though his trot and canter can be a bit quick and sometimes he has opinions on where he wants to go, so best for an intermediate rider if unsupervised. No spook/buck/rear/bolt/bite/kick. He's shown great potential in jumping and would make a fun show project to bring along with his nice uphill build, but could really go in any direction. Asking $4500, price to increase with showing experience.

Kahlua (SOLD)

Kahlua is a 7 year old draft cross (Belgian x Rocky Mountain) mare standing right at 15 hands. She is stout enough for adults, but quiet enough for kids. She is a sweet, personable mare that is absolutely beginner/kid/guest/husband safe. She's more woah than go, but will trot and canter if asked. She has experience in overnight camping, rides out alone or in a group out on the trails, and has a Rocky Mountain gait in between her walk and trot if asked, making her a good smooth trail mount. She's gentle and easy to handle on the ground even for the littlest kids, rides English/Western/bareback/jumps, has show experience, and has been serving in a lesson program. She is broke to drive as well. She is being offered at $8500, price to increase with more show experience.

Casper (Pending)

Casper is an 11 year old registered Canadian Warmblood gelding standing right at 16 hands. He's a gentle and personable but occasionally cheeky guy that is best suited to an experienced rider. He hacks out on the buckle around the property, and has been ridden by junior riders. He free jumps 4' with ease, is a very bold and honest jumper, and has Hunter/Jumper circuit miles in Florida before taking the better part of the last year off. He's been brought back into work and is doing well, but does occasionally buck going into the canter or after a jump. He's barefoot with good solid feet, and loads and hauls well. He lunges well, and even free lunges to voice commands. He has just gotten spring shots, teeth floated, feet trimmed, chiropracted, has a current Coggins, and is ready to go! He does require some maintenance to remain in hard work, current xrays are available on hand. Offered at $10k for a quick sale.

Poncho (SOLD)

Poncho is a 6 year old grade Hackney gelding standing at 12.3 hands. He is beginner safe both on the lead and independently walk/trot, with more woah than go. He needs more education at the canter, but has been serving in our lesson program with the walk/trot kids doing crossrails, barrels, leadline, bareback, trails, etc. He's super personable, and will literally come running towards you when he sees you out in the field. He's good with dogs, vehicles, farm animals, you name it. No spook or naughtiness, but can sometimes be a little pushy on the ground if you let him. Asking $5000, price to increase as he gets show experience under his belt.

FAQ: Sales Process

What does your sales program look like?
When a horse first arrives, we do an intake evaluation to establish a baseline of what the horse knows and acts like. We address any health or behavior concerns we may find, add them to our training program, and if they are suitable, they will serve some time in our lesson program before finding them their very own family to love. This model gives our horses the most possible exposure to all kinds of riders and situations without having them get burnt out serving as a school horse.

Can I get a pre-purchase exam on a horse before buying?
Absolutely! You can get in touch with any of our local area vets to schedule a time and discuss your needs. Dr. Fouts: (574) 320-6764, Dr. Weldy's (574) 862-4995, Dr. Biggers (574) 210-8450, EVH (574) 633-2146.

Can you ship the horse to me?
Yes! We offer delivery for up to a 3 hour radius for $1/mile round trip, and for farther trips we recommend the following haulers: Crossroads Equine Transport (800) 994-0866, K & K Transport (715) 556-6006, MG Horse Transport (270) 498-8383, CTS Equine Transport (606) 748-5400, PIR Transportation (330) 383-6862, Diamond T Transport (918) 577-7845, Wild Horse Transport (231) 357-4562, Rusty Wheel Acres (574) 596-7318.

How do I buy the horse when I'm ready?
We can send an invoice though Square that you can pay via card or bank transfer, or you can pay by cash or check.

What happens if I have questions or concerns after I buy the horse?
We are happy to answer any questions and provide support about health concerns, training questions, etc to make sure that both you and your new four legged partner are happy together. Most horses take about three weeks to three months to settle in and feel "at home" with their new families and routines. If you find down the road that the horse is not a good fit for you, we will work with you to come up with a plan to find him/her a more suitable home. We do not have the ability to issue refunds, but instead we are happy to assist you in reselling that horse, or potentially even trade it back for a current horse that might be more suitable for your needs.

Do you offer boarding for my new horse?
We do not, though we are happy to keep your horse short term while you arrange boarding for $10/day. You can get in touch with the following local boarding facilities to check for openings: Red Oak Farm (574) 848-4968, Four Arrows (574) 250-1177, Renaissance (574) 297-1429, Fox Run (260) 350-4730, Ann Cole Training Center (574) 850-4485, Lucky Horse Equestrian Center (574) 298-8785, Pumpkinvine Stables (574) 238-0301, New Acre Farms (574) 215-8544, DanBar (574) 674-8427, Laughing Horse (303) 717-8903, Heatherwood Equestrian (574) 247-1205, JJ Morris (574) 742-1320, Faith Training Center (574) 340-3193.