Interested in meeting one of our four-legged friends?  Get in touch at or 440-488-7760 to schedule a visit! Horses tend to sell quickly, especially the types in high demand, therefore we operate on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to put a hold on a particular horse, you can place a non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold the horse for up to 3 days, and if you decide to purchase that horse it will be credited towards the purchase price. For other questions, visit our FAQ below!

Current Horses for Sale


Ozzy is a true all around guy, and a head turner to boot! He's a 16yo Spotted Draft cross gelding standing at 15.2, making him not too intimidating for petite or junior riders, but stocky enough to carry heavy and tall riders with ease. He's a flashy blue roan paint coloring with a kind eye and a quiet demeanor who is up for just about everything. He's done stadium and cross country jumping, dressage, worked cows, done trails including crossing rivers, and has been a superstar in our lesson program for kids and adults. He has the smoothest canter that's been through the barn in ages, making him an excellent choice for someone learning to canter or who needs a low impact ride. He has solid feet even barefoot, stays fat on air, sound with no maintenance, and is a very straightforward guy. His only vice is sometimes wanting to drift back to the gate, but it's easily correctible. He did give a couple little crow hops going into the canter when we first got him and were testing out different saddles, but since he's been in one that fits well he's never done that again. He would make an excellent horse for so many scenarios, and will truly make a fun and willing partner. Asking $8500.


Sprinkles is a sorrel 9yo grade Quarter Horse mare standing about 14 hands. She's got a cute face with unique lacing across her back, making her stand out in a crowd. She's gentle to handle, groom, and tack up even for kids, and gets along with everyone in the pasture. She's an  experienced barrel horse that is unique in that she's both safe and competitive - she can take a confident beginner through the pattern and build their confidence, but also kick it into high gear for an experienced rider. She's quick but not hot, has a good work ethic, solid feet even barefoot, not marish, can be out on pasture or in a stall. She came pretty underweight and is steadily filling out, has been sound with no known medical issues. Asking $4500.


If you're looking for a solid trail and arena horse that is safe, easy going, and up for anything, this guy is it. He's a 15 year old 15.2 hh grade QH gelding, built super nicely both for English and Western sports. He is gentle enough for kids to handle, but handy and fun enough for experienced riders to play on. He's mostly done trails and pleasure riding, but also has some jumping, speed events, and local showing under his belt. He is very tolerant of beginning riders and has made a patient and solid lesson horse. Asking $4500.


Callie is a 5 year old gray blue/black roan mare standing 14.1hh. She has a lot of trail experience, but is still green to arena work. She's a quiet minded youngster who's been a quick and eager learner that has the potential to go in any direction. She's personable, easy to handle, not marish, and is straightforward enough that even our lesson kids have been helping to bring her along. No naughty behaviors in any situation, and she even rides out alone on a loose rein. When she first came she was pretty attached to the buddies she arrived with, but has since worked through that. She has a cloudy looking spot in her left eye, but it doesn't seem to affect her vision and is likely an old scratch. She's going to make an awesome mount for someone to bring along in just about any discipline, and I can't wait to see where she can become! Asking $4500.


Coming soon


Sundance is an upper teens tricolor grade paint mare standing about 14.1 hands. She's a quick and sensitive ride with a history of speed events, but sat for a little, so needs a refresher to be competitive again. She's stocky enough for an adult to ride, but not an intimidating size for a handy kid either. She is naturally forward thinking, but also can cruise along the trails quietly. She gets along well with everyone is the pasture, has good feet even barefoot, and is sound and keeps weight with no maintenance. Asking $2000.


Jax is a grade QH gelding standing about 15.2 hands. He's spent most of his life being a barrel and trail horse, but has done a little bit of everything since he's been here - worked cattle, done dressage, jumped stadium and cross country, taught lessons and camps. He's got no buck/rear/bite/kick/spook, though his trot and canter can be a bit quick and sometimes he wants to go back to the gate or barn, so best for an intermediate rider if unsupervised. He's shown great potential in jumping and would make a fun show project to bring along with his nice uphill build, but could really go in any direction. Was sold to us as a 13 year old, teeth suggest older, possibly upper teens. Asking $3000.


Calypso is a 16yo 15.1 hand Arab x warmblood cross gelding. He's sensitive, fancy, and has an excellent work ethic. He's a schoolmaster in Dressage, though had some time off so is currently being reminded of his buttons and getting back in shape. He's forward thinking without being hot, and responsive without being reactive. He has smooth, adjustable gaits, is light in the bridle and to the leg, and is a dream to ride. He's tolerant of beginners, but enjoys a distinguished rider. He's shown no vices, and has been a dream to bring back into work. He's been introduced to jumping and taking well to it. Asking $12,500.


Coming soon

Recently Sold Horses

Porkchop (SOLD)

Porkchop is an 11 year old grade Welsh x Quarter cross standing at 13.1 hands. He is a true all-around gem - safe enough for absolute beginners, but fancy and sporty enough to be competitive in the ring. He has done lessons, camps, birthday parties, and local shows. He's the total package for both English and Western. As a jumper, he's bold to the fences both in the ring and out on cross country, has neat knees, adjustable strides, and quick turns. As a dressage horse, he has nice steady movement, a natural headset, and expressive but easy gaits. As a ranch horse, he has a light one handed neck rein, a smooth jog, and is very handy working cows. As a gaming horse, he can do barrels, poles, flags, mounted archery, you name it. And as a trail horse, he can walk out on a loose rein, even in a halter and bareback, with the tiniest of tots. His only vices are an occasional kick-out going into the canter if he's feeling lazy, pawing when he's straight tied (is perfect in the cross ties though, and can sometimes be girthy if it's tightened too fast. He has been healthy and sound, with good feet being barefoot, no supplements or maintenance, and an easy keeper that can still be turned out on grass. He has an old scar on his shoulder from about 5 years ago, but it doesn't affect him in any way. He's middle of the pecking order - stays out of the drama but doesn't get pushed around. He is stocky and can carry an adult rider, but is also an excellent kids mount. Asking $9500.

Starlight (sold)

Starlight is an upper teens grade Arabian mare standing about 13.3. She's personable, inquisitive, and loves to work. She is very light and sensitive to the cues, making her best for supervised beginners on up, though she has not exhibited a single naughty behavior. She has quite a bit of training under her belt and makes an excellent teacher - she can go straight into a nice smooth canter from a halt on the correct lead, carry her head with nice position, canter as slow as she can walk, canter tiny circles, hop over fences like it's nothing. She's happy to go English or Western, loves the trails, and has even jumped some of the bigger "scary" cross country jumps on our course. Asking $3000.

Sadie (SOLD)

Sadie is a 6 year old grade Welsh mare standing at 13 hands. She is a fancy mover with a sweet soul. She is gentle and tolerant of kids of all levels. She's been a solid leadline and walk/trot pony in our lessons and camps. She'll chase cows, hop over jumps, go for a trail ride, stand for mounted archery and dodgeball, and tote around kids bareback. She is reluctant to pick up her canter (not sure if she was cart trained, though we will be investigating that this week), but that does make her a great confidence builder for beginners as she won't accidentally canter off on her rider. She is more of on the lazy side and will occasionally get stubborn and just want to stop, but even little legs can get her going again. She's not marish, middle to bottom of the pecking order, and gets along with dogs, chickens, etc. Asking $4000, price to increase with training in the canter.

Mocha (SOLD)

Mocha is an 18 year old grade Welsh Pony mare standing at 13.1 hands. She is kid safe and has experience in everything from barrels to jumping to trails to cows. She's been used in our lesson program and summer camps, and does an excellent job. She can putz around on a loose rein, but can also kick it into high gear, making her fun for both beginners and advanced riders. She is an excellent jumper both in the ring and out on cross country. Her gaits are very smooth and easy to cue, making her a great teacher. She does have a history of founder and so will do best in a dry lot, but doesn't require maintenance to keep her sound. Asking $5500.

Violet (SOLD)

Violet is a 14 year old 14.2hh grade blue roan QH mare. She is gentle and sweet, and up for anything. She's done extensive trail riding, lessons and camps, barrels, and is lightly started over fences. She is a smooth mover, light to cue, and very responsive. She is easy going enough for supervised beginners, but fine tuned enough to be fun for advanced riders as well. Asking $5500.

Pirate (SOLD)

Pirate is a 15 year old grade grulla QH gelding standing about 15 hands. He is a sweet and inquisitive guy, gentle to handle and straightforward to ride. He has nice smooth gaits, rides well off of light pressure, and is a willing partner. He is beginner safe and has been used in lessons and camps, but is big bodied, handy and fun for adults and experienced riders as well. He has extensive trail and camping experience. He is partially blind in his left eye from an old injury, but it doesn't make him spooky or limit his abilities. Asking $4000.

Kahlua (SOLD)

Kahlua is a 7 year old draft cross (Belgian x Rocky Mountain) mare standing right at 15 hands. She is stout enough for adults, but quiet enough for kids. She is a sweet, personable mare that is absolutely beginner/kid/guest/husband safe. She's more woah than go, but will trot and canter if asked. She has experience in overnight camping, rides out alone or in a group out on the trails, and has a Rocky Mountain gait in between her walk and trot if asked, making her a good smooth trail mount. She's gentle and easy to handle on the ground even for the littlest kids, rides English/Western/bareback/jumps, has show experience, and has been serving in a lesson program. She is broke to drive as well. She is being offered at $8500, price to increase with more show experience.

FAQ: Sales Process

What does your sales program look like?
When a horse first arrives, we do an intake evaluation to establish a baseline of what the horse knows and acts like. We address any health or behavior concerns we may find, add them to our training program, and if they are suitable, they will serve some time in our lesson program before finding them their very own family to love. This model gives our horses the most possible exposure to all kinds of riders and situations without having them get burnt out serving as a school horse.

Can I get a pre-purchase exam on a horse before buying?
Absolutely! You can get in touch with any of our local area vets to schedule a time and discuss your needs. Dr. Fouts: (574) 320-6764, Dr. Weldy's (574) 862-4995, Dr. Biggers (574) 210-8450, EVH (574) 633-2146.

Can you ship the horse to me?
Yes! We offer delivery for up to a 3 hour radius for $1/mile round trip, and for farther trips we recommend the following haulers: Crossroads Equine Transport (800) 994-0866, K & K Transport (715) 556-6006, MG Horse Transport (270) 498-8383, CTS Equine Transport (606) 748-5400, PIR Transportation (330) 383-6862, Diamond T Transport (918) 577-7845, Wild Horse Transport (231) 357-4562, Rusty Wheel Acres (574) 596-7318.

How do I buy the horse when I'm ready?
We can send an invoice though Square that you can pay via card or bank transfer, or you can pay by cash or check.

What happens if I have questions or concerns after I buy the horse?
We are happy to answer any questions and provide support about health concerns, training questions, etc to make sure that both you and your new four legged partner are happy together. Most horses take about three weeks to three months to settle in and feel "at home" with their new families and routines. If you find down the road that the horse is not a good fit for you, we will work with you to come up with a plan to find him/her a more suitable home. We do not have the ability to issue refunds, but instead we are happy to assist you in reselling that horse, or potentially even trade it back for a current horse that might be more suitable for your needs.

Do you offer boarding for my new horse?
We do not, though we are happy to keep your horse short term while you arrange boarding for $10/day. You can get in touch with the following local boarding facilities to check for openings: Red Oak Farm (574) 848-4968, Four Arrows (574) 250-1177, Renaissance (574) 297-1429, Fox Run (260) 350-4730, Ann Cole Training Center (574) 850-4485, Lucky Horse Equestrian Center (574) 298-8785, Pumpkinvine Stables (574) 238-0301, New Acre Farms (574) 215-8544, DanBar (574) 674-8427, Laughing Horse (303) 717-8903, Heatherwood Equestrian (574) 247-1205, JJ Morris (574) 742-1320, Faith Training Center (574) 340-3193.