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Have questions about the process of buying a horse? See our FAQ below for our process and how you fit in!








Dolly is a 7 year old grade paint mare standing 15.1 hands. She is sweet and easy to handle, gentle and responsive enough for even a tiny tot to control and ride. She has a very nice light one handed neck rein. She will give you her "mare face" when saddling, so she likely had some past saddle fit issues that led to her worrying things would hurt. Her previous job was trails and camping with an older gentleman. Her front left leg toes in, making her knee a bit stiff, though she was able to do everything he had asked and is still able trot and canter on it for short periods of time. Because of this, she is best suited to a trail life, and she's good at it - she was brave and willing when crossing all of the trail obstacles we presented her with, went out on the road with cars going by, past all kinds of scary looking stuff, and she didn't even blink at it. Asking $1800.

Forest ***Sale Pending***

Forest is a 13 year old grade Quarter Horse gelding standing about 15 hands. He is an absolute diamond in a plain package - sweet, handy, safe, and fun! He's got brands from previous ranches he worked out west, and he's got that quiet working horse demeanor and ethic to him. Nice smooth jog and lope, picks up his leads, light one handed neck rein, BIG stop. He'll go anywhere, cross anything, stand tied all day, and then get on and lope off. During his English evaluation, he showed that he had not been introduced to jumping or the leg and headset cues being asked, but he had a good attitude about trying these new skills and was getting it even by the end of the four minute session. (Considering he came off of a working ranch out west, we were not expecting him to!) He's safe enough to be a good kid lesson horse or a husband trail horse, but handy and fun enough to do playdays, ranch events, work cows, whatever you want to do. He's a classic good, pure horse that doesn't come around often. He's offered at $4000.


Foxy is a 14 year old grade Quarter Horse mare standing around 15 hands. She's gorgeous, smooth moving, and gentle, but has some baggage to work through from her previous life as a barrel horse. Her intake evaluation made it clear that there was past saddle fit issues, making her reactive about saddling and mounting from a block, and will give occasional protest kick-outs while riding when too much leg is used. She has one heck of a build and heart in there and I have no doubt will give the right person 110% once she relearns to trust and relax, as I expect she's been "cowboyed" quite a bit. She showed great promise for English and trail riding, and her Western Evaluation will be soon. She crossed obstacles, rode out on the road with cars passing, jumped several small cross country jumps, and had a nice calm demeanor to her, minus a little protest kick-out as seen in the intake video. Offered at $2200 currently, price steadily increasing as she relaxes and comes out of her shell.

FAQ: Sales Process

Where do you find your horses?
Our horses come from all over! Most are from local families in scenarios where they are not the best fit for that family, but we see potential in them in another type of home or job. Some come from fellow local trainers that are helping to sell them for their own clients, whereas others we find online or through word or mouth.

What happens when they arrive?
When a horse first arrives, we typically take intake photos and then turn them out to settle in. When they are relaxed and ready, we begin the evaluation process. What is their level of training? Are there any health concerns that need immediate attention? Are there any behavior quirks that will need addressed? What disciplines do they seem to enjoy most?

How do you decide what to do with the horse next?
We carefully develop a training and care plan for them to build on their strengths and address any areas of concern or weakness. If we have students at our own farm looking for horses to lease or purchase, they will get first priority to each horse that comes through the doors. If they do not fit any of our current openings, they are then offered to those who filled out a Matchmaker form, and then to the general public. They remain in training with our Junior and Senior staff throughout their whole time here.

How do I purchase one?
If you are interested in one of our horses, you can get in touch with our Office Manager at From there, most people choose to set up an appointment to meet the horse, though buying sight unseen is also welcome. We will listen to what you want in a horse, your riding ability and personality, and if we feel that this horse would be happy with you we can help you through the contract and payment process. If not, we can direct you to any of our other available horses, or send you something more suitable once it comes in. If you do choose to purchase the horse, we can deliver him/her within a 3 hour radius for $1 per mile if you do not have your own transportation, and if the distance is farther we can help you arrange a shipping company to deliver your horse.

What happens if I have questions or concerns after I buy the horse?
Every horse that sets foot in our barn is part of our family for life. We are happy to answer any questions and provide support about health concerns, training questions, etc to make sure that both you and your new four legged partner are happy together. Most horses take about three weeks to three months to settle in and feel "at home" with their new families and routines. If you find down the road that the horse is not a good fit for you, we will work with you to come up with a plan to find him/her a more suitable home.

Horses happy in their new homes!

We have been in the business of finding horses their perfect humans for over 8 years!  Take a trip down memory lane and see the four-legged friends that have come through our program in the gallery below.

Every horse that we sell holds a special place in our hearts, so if you have provided a home for one of these guys, we are happy to provide training support and answer any questions throughout the entire life of that horse to make sure your partnership is everything that it could be!