Interested in meeting one of our four-legged friends?  Get in touch at to schedule a visit or phone call! Horses tend to sell quickly, especially the types in high demand, therefore we operate on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to put a hold on a particular horse, you can place a non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold the horse for up to 3 days, and if you decide to purchase that horse it will be credited towards the purchase price.

In the market for a new horse, but don't see something on our site that meets your needs?  Fill out your ideal horse's skills, budget, deal-breaker behaviors, and more on our Shopping List, and we will take into account your request as we purchase future horses. We will add you to the mailing list to get notified whenever we get in new horses, and you are free to unsubscribe any time!

Have more questions about the process of buying a horse? Call us at 574-329-1431 or visit our FAQ below!

Current Horses for Sale


Pistol is a 12 year old strawberry roan sabino Tennessee Walker x Paint gelding standing about 15 hands. He is flashy and will turn heads wherever you go! He's been a trail horse in the south, and is happy to ride out alone, pass traffic, be accompanied by a dog, and try out obstacles boldly.  He has an extremely smooth jog and lope, and has the fast walk of a gaited horse but does not seem to gait. He's on the shy and sensitive side, and is a little hesitant to be caught, but is making progress. He is better at straight tying as that's all he's done, but is learning to cross tie as well.  Asking $2800.


Omen is a registered sorrel 13 year old APHA mare standing about 14.2 hands. She's built solidly and can take a large rider with no issue. She has a super smooth jog and is light to the aids. Working on neck reining, picking up quickly. She's a forward thinker and would make an awesome speed horse, though she's spent the last few years as a trail horse and excels at that too. She's been started on the barrel pattern and picking it up enthusiastically. Her energy level and sensitive nature would make her best suited to an intermediate rider, though she's not displayed any naughtiness. Her attractive build would make her a good candidate to throw some gorgeous APHA babies as well. Asking $3800.


Rocky is a 15.1 hand 15 year old grulla gelding, complete with a dorsal stripe, zebra barring, shoulder shading, and cobwebbing. He is a registered APHA, and though papers did not travel with him, they can be purchased from a previous owner. He is a sweet and sensitive type, will come up to you in the field, and gentle to handle. He's been used for anything from cow penning to trails to summer camps to dressage. He is good with a supervised beginner or kid, though his sensitiveness makes him better suited to a rider who knows what their hands and legs are doing otherwise he will get frustrated by mixed signals or heavy cues. He has a nice light one handed neck rein, a very smooth jog, and is dialed in nicely with arena work. He rides out alone or in a group on the trails, rides on the road, is good with dogs, crosses anything. He's the kind of horse you can go sit with when he's laying out in the pasture, and hop on him bareback with a rope halter. He does have some stiffness in his hind end that wouldn't make him a good candidate for a heavy workload or speed horse without looking into maintenance options, but he keeps up just fine in our lesson program working 5 days a week. Asking $4500, offers considered to a good home for this special guy.



Stardust is a bay 13 year old registered Thoroughbred gelding standing at 16.3 hands. He is a schoolmaster type with a long show career in Hunter/Jumper rings, and also served as a lesson horse for intermediate-advanced riders. He is currently owned and ridden by a junior rider who is looking for a project to train up from scratch, and is looking for a confident and sensitive rider to take over this special guy's ownership. He easily clears 4' fences and courses 3'-3'6", has auto lead swaps, knows basic lower level dressage, and rides out bareback and on the trails as well. He does not tolerate mistakes well from his rider, so he is best suited to someone with experience who would like to continue to show and progress up the levels. He will buck and rear on occasion, and it is historically pain related, but for that reason will require an experienced rider who knows about tack fit and bodywork (chiro, massage, BEMER, etc). Asking $5500.


FAQ: Sales Process

Where do you find your horses?
Our horses come from all over! Most are from local families in scenarios where they are not the best fit for that family, but we see potential in them in another type of home or job. Some come from fellow local trainers that are helping to sell them for their own clients, whereas others we find online or through word or mouth.

What happens when they arrive?
When a horse first arrives, we typically take intake photos and videos to establish a baseline of what the horse knows and acts like. We then add them to our training program, address any health or behavior concerns we may find, and conduct situational testing to make sure we have the best picture of what each horse's strengths are, what disciplines they are most suited for, and what kind of rider would make them the best partner.

How do I purchase one?
If you are interested in one of our horses, you can get in touch with our Office Manager at We will listen to what you want in a horse, and if we feel that this horse would be happy with you, we can help you through the contract and payment process. If not, we will either direct you to another of our available horses, or have you fill out a Shopping List so that we know what kind of horses our clients are looking for, and we will add you to the mailing list to be notified when new horses arrive. Whenever we are able to connect you with a suitable horse, you can either set up an appointment to meet the horse, or purchase long distance. As needed, we can ship the horse for $1/mile round trip up to 3 hours away, or connect you with one of our trusted professional haulers.

What happens if I have questions or concerns after I buy the horse?
Every horse that sets foot in our barn is part of our family for life. We are happy to answer any questions and provide support about health concerns, training questions, etc to make sure that both you and your new four legged partner are happy together. Most horses take about three weeks to three months to settle in and feel "at home" with their new families and routines. If you find down the road that the horse is not a good fit for you, we will work with you to come up with a plan to find him/her a more suitable home. We can assist you in reselling that horse, or potentially even trade it back for a current horse that might be more suitable for your needs.

Horses happy in their new homes!

We have been in the business of finding horses their perfect humans for over 8 years!  Take a trip down memory lane and see the four-legged friends that have come through our program in the gallery below.

Every horse that we sell holds a special place in our hearts, so if you have provided a home for one of these guys, we are happy to provide training support and answer any questions throughout the entire life of that horse to make sure your partnership is everything that it could be!