Training services will jump start your green horse, polish the rough edges off of your experienced partner, or work through an issue with your current mount.  Available to all English disciplines and some Western skills.  All training is done under the influence of the Dressage Training Scale and Natural Horsemanship philosophies.  Purchase one session or as many as needed to reach your goals for your horse.  In all instances, it's not a "train it and return it" scenario - you will learn alongside your horse so that you will be better equipped to carry on the training yourself.  Exercising services, rehabilitation sessions, and pre-purchase evaluations are also available upon request.

Training is available for $40 per half hour session, or $450/month included with board.

Starting & Restarting

A strong foundation is the core of any discipline.  All horses need to learn to give to facial pressure and to move forward off the leg, regardless of what job they might do when they grow up.  But we are doing more than programming moving machines.  We are developing partners willing and eager to do whatever we ask of them.  Young or newly started horses need to build their confidence and attitude alongside their skills.  Introducing tasks and situations at the right time, in the right way, and with the right method for each horse in these formative moments is what will ultimately lead to a true partner.

Polishing Skills

Despite the many ads you see touting "finished" horses, a horse is never done developing his skills.  He can always become more responsive, relaxed, and willing.  His movement can always become lighter, fancier, and more balanced.  His skill set can always broaden to incorporate more diversity.  Even if the show ring is somewhere you never plan to find yourself, you owe it to you and your horse to make every ride better than the last.  If it seems as if you've hit a wall and achieved what your own skills will allow, get in touch to come up with a personalized plan for continued development.

Addressing Issues

When most people talk about a problem they are experiencing with their horse, they are really discussing a symptom.  There are a million gadgets and quick fixes out there to placate symptoms, but these largely aren't solving the true problem at hand and lead to it resurfacing.  Cutting off the top of the iceberg does nothing to prevent it from pushing up again.  It takes a combination of understanding horse psychology, training tactics, and health concerns in order to root out what is truly causing the undesired behavior.  Only then can an effective plan of action be developed and put into place.