Our progressive curriculum guides students through the fundamentals of riding and horsemanship in Level 1, introduces them to the many equestrian sports in Level 2, and guides them to mastery in their disciplines of choice in Level 3.


Join an active equestrian community when you board at the Savage Riding Academy!  We offer full care pasture board, which comes with discounts to lessons, services, and events.


Get the perks of horse ownership without the commitment and risk when you lease a Savage Riding horse!  Leasing gives discounts on all lessons, services, and events.


We offer training services, including starting horses, addressing problem behaviors, fine tuning skills, and more!  Our staff brings a variety of skill sets to the process to give your horse a well-rounded education.


We always have a few horses and ponies for sale, from project horse opportunities to tried-and-true beginner mounts to trained sporthorses.  We can also offer buying and selling services to help match horse and rider.


Give an unforgettable experience with our horse parties!  We can accommodate all ages, abilities, and group sizes for a party filled with horseback games, crafts, and activities.