Develop your own understanding of our complex sport through lessons, clinics, camps, and events.

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Participate in one of our community programs that promote education, health, and well-being.

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Browse a variety of quality horses and ponies, or receive help in your own journey of buying or selling.

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Horses have a unique ability to increase physical and mental health, and bring our community together.  Our mission at Savage Riding is to make the horse world accessible to everyone, whether your goal is to join us in the sport of horseback riding or participate in one of our other community programs.

Our equine education is delivered with a progressive approach that delves deeper into the hows and whys of equine behavior and riding strategy than traditional programs.  This ensures that your understanding develops along with your skills, giving you the tools to address all types of situations as they arise throughout your riding career.  Our instruction spans across three critical areas - knowledge, skill, and attitude, and students work towards earning three levels of badges in each area as they master component skills.